Friday, December 16, 2016


Monday, November 28, 2016

My Knee Accident
 Imagine that you had an accident that you had to wear a knee brace so your knee would stay in place. Well, I had an accident this year in April, when I was with my mom, two sisters, meme, papa, aunt, cousin, and my cousins friend at my meme house. I got bored when telling my cousin the WI-FI password. I was talking to my cousin and her friend when I was doing the splits in skinny jeans in my memes living room. When I was going down, my knee went one way and the lower part of my leg when another way like how the the river empties into the ocean. I was screaming like a kid falling off a bike and almost passed out. I got an ice pack to put on my head since I was still a little dizzy. My dad left Windy Hollow Speedway (a dirt track) to come and see what happened to me. I was in pain for a long, long time before the pain went away. After the pain went away, I had to wear a knee brace for four months until my knee stayed in place. My cousin and her friend told me, “Hope you get better soon.” A few days later, I was feeling better. Now my knee is better, but I still have to wear a knee brace.

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Monday, September 12, 2016

What its like to have brothers and sisters

   Having brothers and sisters is a good thing. If their older than you, they can help you with your homework if you need help. When your bored, they can entertain you. If you have younger brothers or sisters, you can take them outside and play. You can also take them walking, or you can teach them new things. When you feel alone they will be there for you the whole way. They care about you even if ya'll fight or argue. They know whats right for you and whats not right for you. They will annoy you but they will always love you. They will never give up on you. Younger brothers and sisters are always full of energy except when they are sick. When they are sick, they might want their parents to take care of them and not have anything to do with you. You will miss when they had a lot of energy when they get sick because they won't bother you. When they are full of energy, you might want to hurt them, lock yourself in your room or just yell at them, at the end of the day you will love them because they are your family and you wouldn't want to change that. In the mornings they can be mean because they don't want to wake up. At night they can be mean because they don't want to go to bed. Honestly, I don't know how little kids can have so much energy all day. When they grow up, your going to wish they were still little because they might not enjoy having fun as much anymore.
   Brothers might enjoy race cars or any car. They might like sports. When you ask your brother what he wants to play, he might say with race cars or play a sport. Some brothers might like to watch or work on cars with their fathers. Your older or younger brothers will always be there for you even if it mean taking time out of what they are doing. They might embarrass you in front of people but that's how it is because if they didn't, you wouldn't think they love you.
   Sisters might enjoy make-up, nail polish, or shopping. They might enjoy doing sports. If you ask your older or younger sister what the want to do, they might want to do you make-up or do your nails because that's what they like doing. Other younger or older sisters might want to go outside and practice sports.some sisters likes to play with hair. They like to do different styles of hair because they want to try something new with their hair. Sometimes they might want to be alone but you won't let them because you don't want them to be sad. They will always be there for you when you do need them and don't need them.
   No matter how much you want to hurt them, in the end it will always be there for you. They will help you with your problems. They always have advice for you even when you don't need it. They can be mean, nice, caring, and loving all at once. They will always come through for you because they love you. When you just need someone to talk to or just hang out with, they will listen to you with whatever it is. They might drop whatever they are doing to help you. If you get hurt they will be there to take care of you. No matter what you do they will be here for you the whole step of the way. Even when they are mad at you or something, they will still put their feeling aside and help you. They might ignore you at times, hit you, or fight with you but in the end they will forget about it and make sure your better. They are basically here for no matter what because they always want you to be happy and not sad. They will joke around with you just to make you yell. They may yell at you because they want you to be safe out in the world. They don't want you to get in trouble for the littlest things so they will stand up for you. They will stand up to a bully when they are bullying you. They don't like see you hurt. They will take all the pressure off of you and put it on them so that they won't see you suffering. When you want to go somewhere with them and they tell you yes, they might drive crazy just to see your reaction.
  I have my own brother and sisters. I have two younger sisters that likes to annoy me everyday, all day. My brother hardly annoys me. When he does, I will get to yelling and calling him names. He likes to annoy me and my sisters everyday just for us to yell. He helps me with my homework when I am stuck on a problem. My sisters likes to annoy me everyday.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Positive and Negative Things About Being on Crutches

Its a good thing to be on crutches but its also a bad thing too. The good thing is you get to leave class early and have your friends help you. The bad thing is, people don't think you can do things on your own. Another good thing is that you can have people get you things you need. Another bad thing is that when you want to walk, people will tell you to sit down. The good thing is that you can have soft things so that your arms won't hurt. The bad thing is that people try to use them without asking you. Its hard to use crutches the first time you use it, but it is fun to use them. In class, crutches could be in your way or fall down. Sometimes crutches can get on your nerves because you can't ride the  bus with your friends so you have to be a car rider. But being a car rider means that the friends that don't ride the bus and are car riders, you can talk to them while you wait for your ride to get to school. Crutches can stick to the floor and make you fall but they also can help you keep your balance. If the bottoms of the crutches are wet and you use them you might slip but if you use them outside it makes you very tired. Crutches is a good way from protecting your leg or foot since your not walking on it because its a less chance of hurting it again. Its very easy for the crutches to slip out from under your arm and make you fall. Its also easy for you to step on your own or someone else foot/feet. Crutches can make you move fast even though your not using both feet/ legs your only using one foot/leg. So using crutches has many positive and negative results while using them.
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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Dirt Track Racing

I like to watch dirt track racing because I have a few favorite race car drivers. One of my favorite race car drivers died. He drove the number 68 car at different dirt tracks. I wish he was still alive because he was young when he died, he has 3 kids that are still alive and one that died when she wasn't born yet, and he has a lot of trophies that his parents sold to his friends. When he died, he died with his girlfriend and his daughter that was already dead. He was on his way to make funeral arrangements fro his daughter that died, but instead it turns out that him, his girlfriend, and daughter was all getting funeral arrangements made. He got hit by a UPS truck. All his friends and family members was devastated because he is too young to die. His family members made a shirt that said You Should've Seen It In Color. His dad has his youngest living daughter because she doesn't have no one to stay with. His other two kids stay with their moms. I miss going to see him race at Windy Hollow Speedway on Sundays.
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Friday, September 9, 2016

Who to trust

Some times its hard trying to figure out who to trust. When you think u can trust someone and then they do something wrong, so after that you can't trust them no matter how many times they apologize, you can't trust them again. The only people you should trust are the people that can tell you anything no matter how embarrassing it is. You have a choice about who you can trust. I trust my friends that I known for a long time. My friends that I just met i barely trust them because I don't know the true them. I trust people who are themselves and not what others want them to be. If you trust someone tell them that because they need to know you trust them with whatever it is. If they tell others about it then I wouldn't trust them again because I wouldn't know if they would tell others again. After you make a mistake of trust someone, you can always start over my trusting someone else. When I trust someone I honestly tell them I trust them, but once that turns into a mistake I tell them that I can't trust them again. Its hard when you can't trust someone because its like they won't trust you. When someone doesn't trust you, its like you can't talk to them anymore. The one advice I have is, don't keep trusting someone after they keep making mistakes, you don't know what they could do behind your back.
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 Friends are always there for you no matter what. My friends help me feel better when I'm sad and even when I'm mad. My friends always find a way to make me happy again because they don't like to see me upset. When I do get upset I don't talk to anyone because I don't want to get anyone to know whats wrong with me but they always find out somehow. They are always there for me even if I don't need them. Its good to have friends than to be alone. If your alone then you won't get anywhere in life because you won't have anyone to be there for you except for family but family won't always be there for you. Its always good to have friends because if you need someone to talk to but you don't want to talk to family members. Friends always listen to you even though they argue and fight with you over the little things. They always bright up your day when your having a bad day. Everyone always has a friend that is crazy, one that is calm, and one who is normal. I have crazy, normal, and calm friends because they make me happy to have them. I have one friend that is very special to me because he is always there for me. He always worries about me. he hates me being upset. He also hugs me everyday so that I won't be sad that day. He also talks to me so that I won't feel alone because he knows I always feel alone until he is talking to me when I'm sad and I need someone to talk to. I never let him down and he never lets me down. I couldn't ask for a better friend than him. No matter what you and your friends do, in the end they will always be there for you. They will embarrass you in front  of others but they are the sweetest people you will know.
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